Sports Grounds

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There is no doubt that when it comes to big fields that use natural grass, the cost to make sure that the grass stays in perfect condition is expensive. More so, when the grass is kept under the fields when it is not in use.

One way to cut a huge chunk on maintenance expenses whilst still enjoying the full benefits of natural grass is installing artificial grass, and luckily, Wollongong Artificial Turf Co is here to help you out.

More recently, fake turf is the better option, because of these:

  • No Other Systems Needed – this can be installed without the need of any watering system. However, when installed in the outdoors, a drainage system for the rainwater is needed. Still, the cost of installing a drain is nothing compared to the amount you have to spend in cutting and watering if it were real grass.
  • Highly Resistant to Outdoor Elements – it does not burn or dry under extreme temperatures, nor does it crystallise during winter. Thus, it is really great no matter what the day brings.
  • Available All Year – it does not need special care and attention. You can leave it exposed to the sun, and it will still look green and fresh all throughout the year.
  • Soft Cushion – since it is inevitable for the players to fall during any game, an artificial turf can absorb the impact, providing a soft cushion in the process, and it does not cause cuts.

Your Best Provider For All Your Artificial Lawn Needs

Wollongong Artificial Turf Co can provide you with the best solutions for your soccer field or any sport ground for that matter. Pay less for the same features of natural grass. Thanks to this your players can practice in the field without the need to wait for the field preparation to complete. Call us now!