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    Having grass on your lawn is something more than just refreshing to the senses, but it also adds value to your home, making it one of the best investments when it comes to home improvements. Not only that, artificial grass is great not only for residential properties, but also for commercial establishments, sports grounds, and school premises too! With that said, this installation is really versatile and easily handled.

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    Benefits of Synthetic Turf

    Unlike the fresh grass, an artificial grass can look green and stay fresh all throughout the year. It does not need watering, nor does it need much maintenance. To say the least, you can enjoy it without much trouble and worries on your part in making sure it says in top shape. In fact, you will not even notice the difference between the real one and the fake one, and here are some more benefits of it:


    Trouble-Free Installation

    Artificial turf is no-fuss installation, and because it does not weigh much, handling it can be a breeze. With the easy installation that if offers, you can immediately enjoy it, and you don’t have to even think about the outdoor elements.

    Even if it is installed outdoor, it can perfectly stand against the weather and other drastic outdoor changes. With our team of professional installers, you can have the peace of mind knowing it is installed using the right set of skills and tools.

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    Little to No Maintenance

    if you are busy, or if keeping the grass just doesn’t quite appeal to you, then an artificial turf is the only solution to this. This type of grass does not need watering, trimming, cutting, plunging, and using pesticide control. It will thrive without water and sunlight, so you can just sit back and relish the green and breathtaking beauty of it.


    Highly Versatile

    this type of grass installation offers so much versatility as it can be placed on almost any surface, such as the commercial properties, residential properties, school yards, and sports grounds. In fact, you can even have it installed inside your home. That’s how versatile it is.



    when you opt for fake grass for your yard or patio, then you know you would not have to spend much, as opposed to having concrete or bricks on the ground. With that said, it is really a cost-efficient alternative to real grass in terms of maintenance and to concrete pavers in terms of upfront costs.

    What We Offer

    Having your fake grass installation is ideal when you have a wide backyard that does not have enough sunlight to maintain real grass, or if you want any grass component inside your home without having to worry about it wilting.

    If you are interested to know more about our amazing services, then we have these for you:

    Wollongong artificial grass installation
    School Grounds

    Most schools have their own field where they conduct most of their activities or where their players practice for an upcoming game and as part of its maintenance, grass needs to be watered. This could in turn cause the grass to be slippery for the kids and teens to walk or play on the field. However, with an artificial turf, you would not have to worry about any possible accidents or slips, because it does not need water or sunlight.

    Sports Grounds or Premises

    In installing and maintaining real grass, the challenge really falls under these two phases. Usually, in big fields that use real grass, the maintenance cost is really expensive, and the grass sits on top of movable boards that are typically kept when it is off season. However, when it is artificial turf, you can easily survive without any water.

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    Wollongong synthetic grass for lawn
    Commercial Establishments

    You can really expect that the added element of grass can really elevate the beauty of your business establishment, and this can also be achieved by installing artificial turf. If you plan to have your restaurant’s interior and exterior areas installed with grass, then Wollongong Artificial Turf Co is the best company to turn to.

    Residential Properties

    Nothing beats a green lawn, where you can spend your morning having coffee or where you can play around with your pets. With it, you will have a safer space to enjoy at, while doubling as a great investment too.

    Wollongong synthetic grass

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    How much does synthetic grass cost in Australia?

    The average cost of astro turf installation or in Australia starts at $50.00 or at $60 per square meter, depending on which City you are. When it comes to labour cost, professionals charge $50.00 hourly, but all of these costs can change depending on these:

    • Type of Artificial Turf – just like any other outdoor installation, an artificial grass can come in various textures, length, colours and other features. The more features you choose, the higher the cost is.
    • Area Size – if your area is big, then you can expect that it will entail a heftier cost as more materials are needed to cover the expanse of your property. If you have any other specifications that come with landscaping, then the cost can be higher too. Keep in mind that choosing smooth-textured turf is ideal.
    • Property Location – since one city charges a different rate for cost, expect varying rates throughout Australia.
    Does artificial grass last long?

    All of our clients in Wollongong get to enjoy their artificial turf worry-free because our company has a 10-year warranty that goes with our supplies and installation services, aside from actual installation, repair, and maintenance services. Thanks to these, you can surely enjoy your amazing fake grass for decades and longer.

    Is there the best base for synthetic grass in Australia?

    Each type of base material for the artificial lawn installation plays an important role in making sure that the material adheres well, and that the material can last for a very long time. For instance, tarmac is one of the widely used bases that has a hard surface and is very porous. It is deemed as the best foundation for fake grass.

    Next to it is the asphalt, and this material is not as porous as tarmac, but is nevertheless a good alternative to it. Lastly, concrete, which has the hardest surface, is among the firmest bases, and it needs a drainage system to accompany it.

    Is artificial turf safe for my family?

    Yes, it is absolutely safe. Since artificial turf is made from non-toxic materials, then you know that it is safe for both kids and pets. Also, it has non-allergic properties that are great for people who have sensitive skin. It is rare that people have shown allergies or skin rash on artificial grass. Of course, you must consider the quality of material first.

    Can I install it over an existing lawn?

    Yes, this is possible. However, it may not be the best option because your current lawn might have issues of its own that must first be addressed, and covering it with another layer of artificial grass will not do the trick. One of the issues can be the drainage system or the uneven base.  To be safe, the lawn must first be removed or treated before the next installation will be made.

    Is it safe to install artificial grass yourself?

    To make sure that you won’t miss any step or cause any more trouble in the installation process, then you must first make sure that you have the right set of skills and tools to complete everything. Also, it is safe to get some instructions from the supplier if there are any specifications on the installation.

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    Wollongong Artificial Turf Co has a wide selection of supplies and services for artificial turfs. With us, you can have peace of mind, knowing that all of your products can come from the world-class producers in Australia and all over the world. Our company will go miles just to see to it that your needs and other specifications are heard and checked off the list. Call us now!

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